Gold Rate in Pakistan

Gold Rate in Pakistan

Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan is Rs 122,000 for 11.664 grams (or per tola) 24K and Gold price for 10 grams for 24K is Rs 1,04,600 on 02 Aug 2020, as per Sarafa Jewelers Association Karachi.

Many Factors are kept in view for determination of Price of Gold in Pakistan. These Factors includes Dollar $ to PKR exchange rate, demand & supply of Gold, fluctuation of International gold market,etc.

Gold 24K per Tola Rs. 122,000
Gold 24K per 10 Grams Rs. 104,600
Gold 22K per Tola Rs. 111,833
Gold 22K per 10 Grams Rs. 95,880

Gold Rate in Pakistan

From Ancient times, Gold is considered as Money.Most liquid Asset is Gold.As of International Asset,Gold Rate in Pakistan is never constant, it is fluctuating according to the international Gold Market. Pakistan is importing gold from different countries of world.But the gulf countries are on the top of the list.Pakistan imports gold biscuits/coin as well ready-made gold jeweler from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Oman.Gold price is totally based on Dollar rate in Pakistan.According to the purity of gold,it is categorized in different international standards.

Gold Buscits/Coins

In Pakistan 24K gold is sold in form of biscuits/coins, while Gold Jewelery is made from 22K, 21K & also 18K Gold. “K” Sign represents the Karat. Basically Karat is International Purity Standards of Gold.

What is Gold Price in Pakistan Today?

Pure Gold Price in Pakistan is Rs. 122,000/- as latest updated price on 02 Aug, 2020

How many grams in 22k gold?

22K or Twenty two Karat Gold is standard for purity. Total Karat of 99.99% Gold is 24K. When we calculate 22k purity of gold we have to take its fraction i.e 22/24. simply 22k Gold contain 91.67% puregold while 8.33% other alloys like (silver, copper.

How much Grams in a Tola?

“Tola” is one of the measurement standard prevailing in sub-continent. 1 tola of gold is equals to 11.664 grams.

About Gold

From Ancient eras, gold ‘s eye catching & shinny color have attraction for human beings.Gold in one of the precious metals of the earth. Gold in its pure form is soft and it can be bent easily.Above all it has ability to dissolve other alloys & metals. For making gold jewelry, goldsmiths makes it harder by mixing other metals with gold.

Usage of Gold

Precious & valuable metal Pure Gold has Following uses:

Gold Rate in Pakistan

Pakistani Nation is one of the biggest nations on the earth who uses gold,women in Pakistan uses gold ornaments as fashion & trend.While it is also considered as good & trust-able form of investment.However, if when we think about Gold Price in Pakistan so the price of gold is totally based on London Bullion Market, as Pakistan’s economy is based on (IMF strategies). And IMF & World Bank are sole authority to set the gold its prices through investors.

Gold Jewelry Price in Pakistan

When we talk about gold jewelry, than making cost is also in addition to price of gold. Today Gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 104,600 per 10 grams, and Rs. 122,000 per tola. All over the Pakistan Gold Rate are same with slight difference. Sarafa Association of each city declares the current gold rate for there region. The Gold Rates in all major cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad are same

Gold Price Today

Moreover, rate of pure gold in Pakistan is not fixed.It has fluctuations. Gold Price always increases in long-term & it never decreases because the gold reservers in this world are limited. And the demand of gold is increasing with the increase in world’s population. The currency of Pakistan is not stabilizing in current era which is the biggest reason in Gold price hike.

Economic Condtions

In Current Economic Scenario following factors are consider for the Gold Price in Pakistan

  • In international Market, When demand of Gold increases the price will ultimately high.
  • Central Banks of world start purchasing gold(to increase their reserves) supply of gold reduces.which is main cause of price hike.
  • interest rate is increase the gold rate also increase.
  • When dollar as currency become stronger as compared to Pakistani currency Gold rate in Pakistan goes up.

Thereby, if you have plan to  purchase gold for investment purposes,you need to check out the rate of gold. In this regard this page caters its users by offering them error less and latest Today Gold Rate in Pakistan alongside with you can also update about Gold Rates Pakistan Today Karachi this web page has the capability to provide Gold Rates Pakistan Today Karachi and other cities as well so that you can check out as per your destination.

Furthermore, through this platform you can also browse down Gold Rate Per Tola in Pakistan as the page enables 1 Tola Gold Rate in Pakistan, 22kt Gold Rate Today and Gold Rate in Pakistan 21 Per Tola etc. In this way you can easily estimate 24kt, 24 per tola and 22kt gold rate today

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